Business Studies


Life doesn’t get better by chance but by change, and taking a chance and making a change is what business is all about. Business teaches an array of personal and transferable skills that not only make you employable but investable.

Mrs J. Sidhu
Head of Business

The Curriculum

In Years 10 and 11, students have the option of choosing either Edexcel GCSE Business or Edexcel BTEC Business; where for each course students have three lessons per week. Both courses enlighten students to real life, practical Business, where they get the opportunity to undertake and be part of various real life competitions and challenges alongside their studies.

These include:

Design a Subway;
Coca-Cola new juice drink brand;
Staffordshire University Enterprise Competition;
Real job interviews;
Ryman National Enterprise Challenge;
‘The Pitch’ Business Competition

GCSE Business introduces students to understanding how to identify a gap in the market; launching a new idea; building a Business; and successfully managing and maintaining it. In BTEC Business, students focus on more specialist areas of Business, starting with producing a business plan for a new start-up business idea, before producing their own brand promotion campaign; calculating and interpreting financial accounts and models; as well as undertaking CV creation, completion of job applications; and being interviewed by a local employer for a real position.

The Business department also delivers AQA Business Studies to students in Year 12 and 13. This is an ideal extension to the course at GCSE, but also a course that allows full accessibility to those who have perhaps not studied Business at GCSE. Content studied is very similar to that at GCSE; however, the main objective for students is to take up the role of Managing Director in order to improve a Business. BTEC A Level Subsidiary Diploma is also available for students to study, either as an AS or the full A Level. The focus for students again is specialist areas of Business, whereby they are able to concentrate on elements of Business that interest them.

Economics is also a subject offered in Year 12 and 13, where students are able to study both Business and Economics. Students acquire knowledge and understanding of how the country operates; individual markets in action; government policies to improve the country performance; being part of the EU and global economies; as well as constructing and evaluate arguments.


Year 10 GCSE Business Scheme

Year 11 GCSE Business Scheme

Year 12 AS Business Scheme

Year 13 A2 Business Scheme

A-Level BTEC Unit 1 The Business Environment Issue

A-Level BTEC Unit 2 Business Resources

A-Level BTEC Unit 3 Introduction to Marketing Issue

A-Level BTEC Unit 4 Business Communication Issue

A-Level BTEC Unit 9 Creative Product Promotion Issue

A-Level BTEC Unit 19 Developing Teams in Business Issue