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Art & Design


Art and Design at S Peters provides students with engaging opportunities to be creative through Visual Communication. Students explore and investigate themes and ideas to develop practical work in a range of exciting responses which inspire and challenge learners. Practical work demonstrates a broad range of skills and techniques applied and students are encouraged to reflect on their personal experiences and develop their understanding through critical thinking.


Department Staff Roles

Mrs E. Mcewan- Head of Department, Art and Design Teacher

Art Department Instagram

The Art and Design department Instagram is now live @sp_artdepartment

We will be featuring student work, announcing competitions and showcasing prize winners regularly and have started the account off with some examples of student work from this year.

If you have personal work you think could be shared on sp_artdepartment, let us know and we could feature you!

Sp_artdepartment only follows artists and other centres who deliver art education.


Gallery & News

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This page will be updated with student art work, including “Student of the Month”, Exam outcomes and project highlights, as well as any cross-curricular or extra-curricular  projects.



The Curriculum

Key Stage 3

During year 7 and 8 students study Art and Design for one lesson each week. The main focus is on developing their understanding of the formal elements in Art with a strong emphasis on observational drawing and presentation skills. Students work in an A4 Art sketchbook and are encouraged to take pride in their work and self-assess through regular critiques. In year 8 students continues to develop their study of the formal elements and presentation skills with a particular focus on developing ideas in response to teacher initiated project themes.

Year 7 Project 1) IDENTITY

Developing observational drawing and painting skills and understanding colour theory
This is a 2D project exploring identity through portraiture with drawing, painting collage and photography.

Year 7 Project 2) CERAMIC RELIEF

A 3D Project exploring the use of shape and pattern to develop ceramic relief outcomes in response to the theme and artists investigated.

Year 8 Project 1) ILLUSTRATION

Developing observational drawing with mixed media and exploring ideas responding to narratives.
A 2D project exploring character development, and sequential image making to text with collage, photomontage and mixed media drawing.

Year 8 Project 2) Toy Design

Developing design skills from observation with 2d design and 3d modelling to create ceramic Toys
This project explores: drawing, photography, Adobe Illustrator and clay ceramic sculpture


Students can opt to continue their study of Art and Design into year 9 where the number of weekly lessons will increase to three. The course is delivered as a GCSE taster year to give students the opportunity to experience the style of delivery and assessment at this level. Students work in an A3 sketchbook to produce their work. The focus is to develop their use of a range of traditional and non-traditional media by exploring different skills, techniques and processes.

  • Project 1) Everyday Objects – Drawing techniques and 3D
  • Project 2) Music Design – 2D design and digital.
  • Project 3) Architecture – Urban landscapes and architectural features.

Key Stage 4

At key stage 4 students have the option to choose between three endorsements, the delivery of which is tailored to individual students.
Our GCSE courses are delivered to the AQA syllabus which is built up of 60% coursework and 40% externally set task.

  • GCSE Art and Design: 3 projects over 2 years, covering all design and art disciplines.

Coursework at GCSE consists of two projects. The first project in year 10 is teacher initiated to introduce students to workshop skills and contextual studies before students independently develop their ideas to conclude the project and produce final pieces. The second project in year 11 is the ‘major project’ which is independently selected and developed by the student.

The set task at GCSE is an externally set paper consisting of several themes for students to select from. The theme is then developed in the same style as the coursework projects with the final outcome produced as a set task under controlled conditions, students have 10 hours to complete their final pieces in the set task.

Key Stage 5

At key stage 5 students study Art and Design on an AQA syllabus.
There are 4 units to the A level qualification and each unit makes up 25% of the final grade.

  • Unit 1) Coursework project – Teacher initiated and student led – 25%
  • Unit 2) Externally set task – 25%
  • Unit 3) Personal Investigation – Independent student led project – 25%
  • Unit 4) Externally set task – 25%

Useful Links

GCSE Art and Design specification

Student Art Guide


The Art Departments Assessment policy is designed to promote independent learners and continuous improvement in students work, skills and confidence across all key stages. The focus is on quality communication in every lesson between teacher and individuals or groups, which encourages continuous improvement.

At key stage 3 students use and respond to an assessment and feedback sheet in the front of their sketchbooks. This is a working document which the teachers and students use to feedback on individual pieces of work and plan targets for improvement. It is also used by the students for peer and self assessment. It is expected that all forms of assessment are responded to by the students to ensure continuous progress.

At key stage 4 and 5 the assessment process becomes even more student led with assessment sheets used as a weekly action plan. It is the learner’s responsibility to document their weekly targets which are often negotiated with their teachers through one to one discussions on developing their projects and feedback given on how to improve their work. Teachers will also provide written assessments at interim assessment points in each project.

At GCSE and A Level learners are also introduced to the four Assessment Objectives their work is assessed against. They respond to each assessment objective throughout all of their projects work in coursework and in the set tasks. It is important for all students to understand the importance of this assessment criteria.

Assessment Objectives:
    • AO1 Develop their ideas through investigations informed by contextual and other sources demonstrating analytical and cultural understanding.
    • AO2 Refine their ideas through experimenting and selecting appropriate resources, media, materials, techniques and processes.
    • AO3 Record ideas, observations and insights relevant to their intentions in visual and/or other forms.
    • AO4 Present a personal, informed and meaningful response demonstrating analytical and critical understanding, realising intentions and where appropriate, making connections between visual, written, oral or other elements.


The Art department at S Peters is well equipped to give students a fulfilling experience in studying Art and Design. There is a broad range of materials and facilities available for use to enrich the students learning opportunities. Our facilities offer experiences in new technologies and traditional techniques and processes which compare to that offered on advanced college courses.

Some of the facilities include:
  • Printmaking press for lino, etching, mono and collagraph printing
  • Silk screen printing equipment for stencil and photographic printing
  • Apple mac suite and Adobe software suite for digital image making and animation projects. Final Cut Pro for movie making.
  • Kilns and Ceramics area for 3d design and sculpture in pottery and glazing (COMING SOON)
  • 6th form area for independent study at A Level and GCSE

Extra Curricular

We believe it is important for every student to explore art and culture out of the classroom as well as in school. Therefore every year group will experience one Art and Design trip for each course of study. Trips are planned according to projects explored and exhibitions held each year. Please see the school calendar for further details.

IMG_2783Art Club – The current Art club project is comics; students from year 8 and 9 are designing a compendium of stories, which have the same underlying theme. The work from this club will ultimately be for sale in a printed format.


Warhammer Club – Warhammer club began as a lunch club and is now an after school club every Wednesday. Members of the club build, paint and battle their armies against each other and in teams. We will build scenery and objective markers in the art department and can visit the club in Wolverhampton.

Welcome Club – Year 7 students have the opportunity to attend Art club at the beginning of the year where students can be creative through fun practical activities after school for a 6 week period.

Extra sessions – the Art department is open for weekly lunch time sessions for students who wish to continue with their artwork in their own time or for catch up sessions and extra support.

Enterprise – Live design for sale projects run each year.

Celebrating achievements

S Peters Art Department exhibits each year during the summer term after the exam period. The work exhibited will be across GCSE and A Level courses and open for public viewing. All staff, students, parents and associates are welcome!