Important Information for Parents

Dear Parents,

Developments at S Peter’s after February Half Term 2017

As we continue to explore better ways of supporting your sons and daughters, the Governors have agreed the following developments from 27th February 2017.

School Day

The trial of the school day from January 2017 has been considered by the Governors and, in particular, the ability to ensure pupils are able to eat their lunch in the 3 sessions.

The Governors have, therefore, decided to continue the 3 lunchtime sessions with a number of amendments. Significant opportunities will, therefore, be possible from 27th February, as outlined below.

From Monday 27th February, the school day will be amended as follows:

8.55am Moving Bell
9.00am Worship/Achievement Assembly/Form Time
9.15am PERIOD 1
10.05am PERIOD 2
10.55am Break
11.10am Moving Bell
11.15am PERIOD 3
12.05pm PERIOD 4a/Lunch for Y10 and Y 11 pupils
12.30pm PERIOD 4b/Lunch for Y9 pupils
12.55pm PERIOD 4c/Lunch for Y7 and Y8 pupils, and Sixth Form students
1.20pm PERIOD 5
2.10pm PERIOD 6
3.00pm End of school day

This will give the following opportunities:

Year 11 Revision Classes

From Monday 27th February 2017, the attached timetable of revision classes will run after school from 3pm.

Extra-Curricular Programme

From Monday 27th February 2017, the attached timetable of extra-curricular activities will run.

Homework Club

Homework Club will run from 8.30am to 8.55am each day in the Learning Centre, supervised by staff.

Homework Club will run after school each day from 3.00pm to 3.45pm in the Learning Centre, supervised by staff.

From Monday 27th February, the school will run a co-ordinated after school detention system:

Tuesday 3pm-4pm Subject based detentions supervised by Heads of Department

Wednesday 3pm-4pm Pastoral detentions supervised by Heads of Year

Friday 3pm-4pm ‘Lates’ detentions, for pupils who are persistently late for school, supervised by Assistant Principals
Friday 3pm-4pm Principal’s detention for pupils who deliberately miss an after school detention

Data update

Please complete the attached data sheet regarding your contact details including mobile phone numbers and email address.

These will be used to contact you including notice of your son or daughter being placed in an after-school detention.

Please return the completed attached form to Students Services.

Ash Wednesday arrangements 1st March 2017

Ash Wednesday will be celebrated as usual, with Services at S Peter’s Church on the morning of Wednesday 1st March 2017.

There will be 2 services.

Pupils and students will make their own way to the Church and are then free to return home after each Service.

Years 9, 10, 11 at St Peter’s church
Arrive 8:45am
Start at 9:00am
Finish by 10:15am

Years 7, 8 & Sixth Form at St Peter’s Church
Arrive 10:30am
Start at 10:45am
Finish by 12:00pm

Students will be dismissed from church and don’t attend school in the afternoon.

Staff will return to school for INSET training for the remainder of the day, as has been the usual pattern in previous years.

Parents, friends and families are welcome to attend these celebrations of our school and Church community.

School bus timings from September 2017

We are working with St Edmund’s and the bus companies to explore the possibility of amending the school bus times from September 2017 in order to accommodate the change of school day.

I will write to you when we have further details.

May I thank you for your continued support for S. Peter’s Collegiate School.

Yours sincerely

David Lewis