About Us

The Friends of S. Peter’s Association was formed in 1990. It was formed as a charitable organisation to raise funds for the benefit of all school pupils, the funds to be spent on items that fell outside of the normal school funding.

The make up of the group was The Principal as President with a working team of 4 Officers from parents and staff, these being Chair, Vice chair, Treasurer and Secretary.

A committee of 10 parents and or staff would also serve, 5 appointed for 2 years and 5 for 1 year, elections take place each year for both Officers and committee members.

Over the years many thousands of pounds have been raised for good causes throughout the school, items such as state of the art full coloured projector for the Millennium Theatre when it was first built, Mini buses, the Friends bought the very first mini bus for the school and continue to donate annual amounts to help with the running costs of the 3 mini buses the school are now fortunate to have.

Security fencing, Sports equipment and strips, an electric piano for the music department are among the many items purchased over the years. In fact the Friends raise well in excess £5 thousand pounds each year from various events such as Summer Fayre, Autumn Craft Fair, !00’s Club, Raffles, Special event evenings and many more fund raising events throughout the year.

We are always pleased to see new faces at any of our meetings which we hold once a month, but if that’s not for you, then please sign up to give a hour or so at any of our events, remember this is for the benefit of all our students “that’s your children as well” don’t leave it to someone else, come and join us meet some new friends have some fun and help improve life in our school.

Alternatively complete the attached form and pledge 1 hour of your time so that we may call upon you to help out at one of the many events Friends organise. All completed forms can be handed in at the Reception. Pledge Form