God is love

From the 1st letter of Saint John, chapter 4, verses 7 and 8

Beloved, let us love one another, because love is from God; everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, for God is love.

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DSC_3337A message from Reverend Paul

Saint Peter’s School values every student so much, every parent, guardian or relative so much, and every person who works in this school so much, that they have employed me, full time, to be available to you all day, every day, weekends and holidays too. That’s an amazing thing to do. That’s really putting your money where your faith is. I’m here to hear, but what am I here to hear?

Well, dear students, you might be surprised to hear…I don’t care about your behaviour, I don’t care about your grades, I just care about you and what you think, about how you’re feeling, about what’s important to you. Of course, if your grades and behaviour are important to you, then they become important to me.

I care about this: are you well, are you happy? For sure the rest of the staff here are all absolutely amazing and they care about these things too, but they aren’t always available, that’s why the school makes sure I’m always here and always available.

Now I am not here to convert you. That, I believe, is between you and God, but, if you’d like tell me about your beliefs or you’d like to know more about Our Lord Jesus Christ, I’m always delighted to see how we can discover more about the way, the truth and the life together.

I’m here for all people of all faiths. We all have access to God. I’m also here for people who are not sure about if there is a God or who don’t believe in God. It’s okay to have a difference of opinion as long as there’s kindness, friendship and love. I’m also the unofficial complaints department for Saint Peter’s school.

Maybe at Saint Peter’s you could be missing your old school, your old friends, maybe something else is getting you down, maybe you want to speak to a parent or a teacher, but you’re not sure how. That’s what I’m here for…here to hear and here to help. I will listen in confidence, without interrupting or judging you and I will give you an honest response to what you’ve said if you want it. I’ll also do my best to advise you on how to move forward, but whatever you say, you’ll always receive friendship and kindness.

So to conclude…
This is my prayer for you all, people of all ages, that your time with Saint Peter’s may be a good one, that you choose the best for you, that God, will bless you and keep you and make his face to shine upon you.

I’m honoured to say I’ve found great friends here in Saint Peter’s school. I hope you will too.

I’m Reverend Paul, I’m here to hear. God bless you.

Thanks for reading.

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