Through the Performing Arts Department at S. Peter’s Collegiate School, we currently offer the Dance Leaders Award in year 9 and the BTEC Dance Course for key stage 4. This is an enriching experience for students to gain qualifications whilst building up a variety of skills within dance such as, technique, choreography and performing. Through the courses students also develop the fundamental skills such as reflection, teamwork, communication, leadership, and confidence and recognising the importance of organisation and perseverance.

Mrs N. Tildesley
Dance Teacher


Dance Leaders Award Level 1 Qualification

Students opt to take the Dance Leadership Award course in year 9, if they would like to specialise in teaching dance and build up technique and skill within this area.
They will have two lessons of Dance per week in which they participate practically in a variety of workshops. Students will complete an evidence folder for homework, which is set fortnightly .
The Dance Leaders Award consists of five units: Health and fitness, Dance technique in Contemporary and Jazz, Choreographic Principles, Practitioners, Matthew Bourne and Christopher Bruce, as well as developing verbal and non-verbal communication skills to motivate participants. This all accumulates towards the final assessment which is to plan, organise and teach a dance lesson of their choice, based on a given stimulus.
For the last two years students have been leading primary school students through their classes showing a mature professional conduct, receiving great praise from all involved. This course continues to build confidence, belief and self esteem throughout our students and gives students a level 1 qualification in Dance Leadership which they can use on a CV.

BTEC Dance

In years 10 and 11 students can continue to develop their skills through the Edexcel Btec Dance. These students have an exciting opportunity to develop their dance technique looking at a range of styles as well as the opportunity to develop their creativity in choreography classes. There are ample opportunities for performances throughout the year which allows students to showcase their talents. Alongside their practical work students will also learn how to effectively evaluate their own work, that of others and professional artists reflecting on how to personally improve. In their final unit they combine all of their knowledge and skills, learning how to approach an audition creating pieces for individual performances.

BTEC Performing Arts 2012

Extra-Curricular Dance

Due to the ever growing popularity of dance, we have two classes which strive to include all years with different abilities.
We have an open class for all ages and abilities, which is primarily for fun, but often offers students the chance to perform in productions.
We also have an advanced class for students who already have experience in dance and want to develop their skills further at a more mature level. This is great for the students already taking Btec or examinations outside of school.

Please see the current posters around school for the most up to date information regarding dates and times.

Below is the current breakdown of our two courses: