Enrichment Week

Enrichment week activities will be taking place at S. Peter’s from Monday 15th July to Thursday 18th July. The last day of term is Friday 19th July when there will be End of Year Eucharist for all the pupils at St. Peter’s Church. The time of the service is dependent on the pupils’ year group. Arrangements for the week are outlined below

Year 7 The Lost Words Project

Year 7 students took part in a celebration this morning where they shared the wonderfully inspired creative writing pieces that they had produced over the last few weeks.
They explored the beautifully illustrated book by Robert McFarlane and Jackie Morris and explored the key message that we are losing vital ‘words’ from the English language when naming the amazing natural world around us.
A huge thank you to staff and students for taking part!
Mrs S Bahra (English Teacher)

Wolverhampton Police Youth Commissioners

Syed Naqvi and Melvin Riley (both year 12) were elected on Monday as Wolverhampton Police Youth Commissioners.

They will advise the Police and Crime Commissioner on law and order issues affecting children and teenagers. They will also be asked to represent the views and stand up for the rights of young people within the police force area.

As well as speaking directly to the PCC they will liaise with police officers, decision makers and youth organisations about crime, justice and victim services.

They will also be asked to challenge the force when it fails to live up to expectations. They will be asked to consult young people on the PCC’s Police and Crime Plan, liaise with other teenagers and children and build relationships with the police.

Please congratulate Syed and Melvin when you see them as this is such a fantastic opportunity.   We are so lucky to have BOTH students elected as Commissioners.


Please click the link for more https://www.westmidlands-pcc.gov.uk/new-wolverhampton-youth-commissioners-elected/

Young Interpreters

Our new team of Young Interpreters is ready to welcome new arrivals to S. Peter’s. They have been trained to support students from abroad who might speak little or no English and use their language skills to help them feel settled and valued in our School.


On Tuesday 25th June, a team of talented French pupils from Year 9 attended the Flying High Business Language Champions event at RAF Cosford. The aim of the day was to put languages into context within the world of work and the wider world, and the RAF provided the ideal opportunity to explore the vast range of opportunities that are on offer.

12 teams were present, representing schools from across the midlands, all using either French, German or Spanish to complete a number of challenges during the day. Designing and creating a scale model of an innovative parachute, of course tested with an egg, writing a desert survival guide, a team building activity involving blindfolds, and a Russian taster session, all whilst being observed by RAF staff and event organisers. Pupils also spent time finding out about roles in the RAF which require or promote the acquisition of foreign languages; a tornado navigator, a submarine tracker, an RAF linguist, a community liaison officer and a trainee engineer. 

The team and staff were absolutely thrilled to be crowned winners and will attend a 24 hour RAF experience during the Autumn term 2019. Pupils also received a goodie bag and an Amazon voucher, and of course, a French badge and mini trophies during worship assembly on returning to school. Strengths identified by judges throughout the day included the outstanding behaviour and manners of S. Peter’s pupils, the reasoning behind their choice of survival kit and the innovative approach of using recycled and low cost materials to create their parachute. Evie commented, on behalf of the group, that “it was a brilliant, memorable day, and we’re all really proud of ourselves and each other. We were well out of our comfort zone but completed every task to the best of our ability’’.

We are extremely proud of the pupils’ achievement which is due to their excellent motivation and commitment to French, and their overall attitude to learning. It also reflects well on the language-learning opportunities offered at S. Peter’s where Spanish, French and German are all on offer up to A level.

In winners photo (from left):

Head of Modern Languages H Wheatcroft, Libby Yeomans, Harry Sixsmith, Olivia Porter, Aimee Nicklin, Lily-May Marston, Evie Hardwick





Year 8 Towers

Y8 – Don’t miss out on your place at Towers.

Special Educational Needs And Support

We are delighted to introduce The Witherslack Group who offer expert support and advice to Parents and Carers in supporting your child at home with understanding your child’s anxieties, sleep difficulties and solutions; supporting your child in crisis and encouraging positive behaviour with many issues.

If you require any advice; please click on the link below or contact Clare or Rukiya at Witherslack Group on 01539 566081.


Witherslack Group are also offering Parents and Carers the opportunity to attend The Midlands Special Educational Needs Conference:  Supporting you and your child (fee applies).  If you would like further details for this event, please click on the link below:


Y13 End of School Arrangements

We are now into the final few weeks of your time at S. Peter’s where your lessons will end and exams
begin. I’m writing to let you know the arrangements for the last week of this half term and more
importantly, to express my thanks and appreciation for all you have done this year and during your
whole time at the school.

Continue to read below:

Will represents England U19s

At 16 years old Will Evans was one of the youngest players to represent his country at the under 19s Cornachia Volleyball World Cup in Italy. After an opening ceremony that started with a parade through the cobbled streets of Pordenone, England played for 2 days against teams from around the world including fixtures against Poland, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.

Will thoroughly enjoyed his time with the team and is hoping to be selected again for the NEVZA European Championships in Finland in October having previously represented England at this tournament at under 17s level.

Well done Will we are all thoroughly proud of your achievements.